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About Me

I am a holistic health coach, a maxillofacial surgeon, 

and a mother to two growing kids.

I decided to jump into the world of health and wellness as a coach because I believed in the difference I can make

by integrating health and well-being. 


It’s no secret that living in the present times can be quite stressful, mechanical & many a times, directionless.


What we all are looking for is a beautifully balanced life where we are at the highest level of productivity while being healthy and energetic so that we can fulfill all our deepest desires and ultimately be happy.

Isn't that everyone's ultimate goal?


 It is how we approach our life in totality that brings about whatever changes we desire, be it our health n well-being or any other area of life.


I learned to achieve it myself over the years as a doctor first, then as a wife, mother, and doctor, and now as a doctor, coach, blogger. 

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About Me: About Me
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Why did I Become
a Surgeon?

Health became important to me as a child when I saw lives being lost so cheaply in road traffic accidents and the miraculous ways in which people were saved by doctors, made me passionate about being in health care.


 But I entered this profession wanting to be a surgeon who dealt with trauma patients and that is how I ended up doing a post-graduation in Maxillofacial surgery.


As they say, when u want something bad enough, the Universe conspires to bring you that. And the rest is history........

All I can say is that after being in this field for almost 2 decades, that there has been nothing more fulfilling than the gratitude on a person’s face after you have healed him either mentally, physically, or emotionally.

And What Made Me Make Another Career Switch"

But it was my own personal journey after having my first child twelve years ago, that seriously changed my approach to health even though I was already a doctor. I realized how an unfit body can affect everything in one's life from physical appearance to self-confidence to relationships to energy levels and eventually happiness, the one thing that we all want in the end. And so was born my interest to dig deeper into everything nutrition and fitness for myself which clearly I didn't know enough about.


This led me to do my certification in holistic nutrition, sports and exercise nutrition, women's coaching specialist and thus took another step into a different journey to help others. But during this course of time as life kept happening, I also evolved and so did my understanding of what really is balanced health even beyond diets and workouts. I had seen enough disease both physical (cancers, tumors, autoimmune diseases) and emotional to know how we were getting sick in every possible way by overcomplicating an otherwise simple life.

I realized how many coaches with a very narrow perspective only understood part of the problem and as a result, only partial messages were being communicated resulting in more damage than good. It is my desire and in all probability, my soul calling to help transform as many lives and be a part of as many journeys to wellness and happiness as possible by bringing a comfortable balance back into millions of lives.

More about me

Whenever time permits. I love spending time with myself, nature walks, a hot cup of coffee, and reading books. I love the monsoons and the mountains, love to cook different cuisines, love to spend with my family, and am very picky  about my friends, music and movies.

In all these years I have never let a conventional way of doing anything deter me from doing things the right way, be it as a doctor, as a mother, as a wife or as a homemaker.

I have chosen my path in life based on what feels right to my soul, not based on what people believe.

What to expect from this blog

I believe in the motto “treat the cause, not the symptom”.

We want to be well. We yearn to be in control and feel better. But there is an enormous gap between wanting to be well and the everyday reality of living with the mental and physical health penalties of  stress, being overworked, and having too little down time."

So whether it is overall health you are after, high energy levels or good-looking body, peace of mind, or good old happiness, the first thing you have to do is go back to the basics.


Unlearn everything that is super complicated and learn to turn to your own body and mind for answers. That will help you build a process or method that works for you, to live a life that just brings out the best in you, every single day, without u having to try too hard.

If you want to get in touch with me click here, but until then......

Happy Reading!! 

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